Thodoris Zoulias, or "Teo" to most, is the manager of Thalassa and Kleonikos Rooms to Let, in Parasporos and Adamas, respectively, in the island of Milos.

You will most likely meet Teo at the Adamas seaport, right at the pier, with his shuttle bus, expecting guests throughout the tourist season. You can't miss him. Dark-skinned and perpetually tanned, rather short and bearded, he looks like the ancient Greek God Hephaestus, the God of Fire and Metallurgy.

According to ancient greek mythology, after Hera gave birth to Hephaestus, she was unimpressed by how dark-skinned and short he was, and decided to throw him to the sea, where he was rescued by Thetis. The greek word for the sea is "Thalassa", hence the name of the rooms to let owned and managed by Teo and his brother, Kleonikos.

Teo and his brother, Kleonikos, offer inexpensive accommodation in their dual properties, Thalassa Rooms to Let in Parasporos, and Kleonikos Rooms to Let in Adamas.

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